Learn with a Lawyer: Change your Mindset when you have a tough task to accomplish.

Try to change your mindset when you have a tough task at hand. Now that’s as simple as how you even talk about it, someone might say, I have to clean the garage when I get home or I have to write this really technical, legal brief, something that you may not really want to do. Before you even start these things, you must put yourself in the right state of mind. Don’t say I have to write this brief; say I get to write this brief. There is plenty of people in the world that would be very happy to have your job, very happy doing the things you get to do on a day to day basis. Whether that’s being a lawyer, or whether that’s someone that digs ditches for a living. There is always somebody that would like to be in your position. If you start off every task with the fact that you get to do it, you are going to be in a better mind set when you start the task, you are going to put more effort into that task, and you’re going to enjoy your work eventually.

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