Learn with a Lawyer- Call people BACK! Even when you are busy.

Call people back, when someone calls you and leaves you a message, call them back. Now invariably you are going to be busy, you’re going to be in the middle of a trial, you are going to be swamped, you’re going to be in over your head. Take two minutes, pick up the phone and call that person back, and say I don’t have time to talk right now but I just want to let you know I got your message, and as soon as I can I will give you a call back and we can discuss your matter. This type of communication will put the person at ease, they will know that you are working for them, they will know that you haven’t forgot about them. The worst thing you can do is not communicate with a client. You can also translate this over to your personal life as well. Someone calls you, they may not be the most important person in your life at that exact moment, but if you reach out to them, if you shoot a text or a call, and say hey I got your message and I will call back as soon as I can. Those people will appreciate the communication and they will give you the time that you need. You will be less likely to get ten or twenty follow up messages saying, where are you? why haven’t you called me?

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