Learn with a Lawyer: Build relationships with people who have administrative power.

Get along with the court clerks. Court clerks are delegated an amazing amount of power and that power is going to come into play whenever you are dealing with them. Whether it’s, you’re running fifteen minutes behind and you want to be able to contact the court clerk and let the judge know you are running behind. These types of relationships, these relationships with the people that actually make the complicated system work, are the relationships that you are going to need to have and rely upon because you’re not perfect. Something is going to happen, and you are going to need a court clerk to help you. Then also you don’t have to be disingenuous about it, most court clerks are very nice people, most court clerks are friendly, it’s very easy to get along with court clerks because you are forced to interact with them almost daily. You can also translate this advise into your personal life, doesn’t have to be with court clerks, but it can be with any complicated system in which there is a delegation of power to people. You want to have as many of those people liking you as possible. Because you are going to want to be able to rely on the them if you’re in trouble, or if you make a mistake. So always be nice to the court clerks, or always be nice to the people that are on the ground making decisions in any complicated system.

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