Learn with a Lawyer - Be self-aware of your limitations and your CLIENT'S limitations.

Be self-aware of your limitations, now I’m not saying you must forgo advancement, I’m not saying that you can’t take your limitations and improve on them. I’m just saying be aware of them, but then also make sure your clients are aware of their limitations and that they are self-aware of those limitations. Now this comes in very common in a criminal case. Say someone wants to be put on probation or diversion but they have a serious drug problem. Well, they are not going to be successful on probation or diversion, if they have a serious drug problem because that is a prerequisite to being able to do the drug program. You are not allowed to do drugs and alcohol while you are on diversion or probation So you need to convey to the person, they need to be self-aware of their limitations and they need to convey that to you so you can make educated legal decisions and educated decisions when you are helping them work through their case. So be aware of your own limitations but also be very aware of your client’s limitations

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