Learn with a Lawyer: Be Honest with People, even when it's really tough.

Be straight with people even if it’s tough. Invariably you are going to have someone come into your office and they’re going to have a problem in which is going to have a negative outcome. They are going to have something they do not want to happen, happen. The worst thing that you can do is tell them everything is going to be fine, when it’s not. If someone has a problem that has got a catastrophic ending to it, you need to be straight with that person from the get-go. Don’t promise them the world when you can not deliver. Just tell them bad things are going to happen so that they can prepare. Now this also translates over into your personal life, if something bad is going on, if something bad is going to happen, don’t sugar coat it. You can be compassionate, but don’t just tell people what they want to hear. If you do that and the bad thing eventually happens, they are not going to trust you.

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