Learn with a Lawyer: Be EARLY to everything!

This is probably the easiest piece of advice to give somebody and the hardest to follow. That is simply to be early, be early to everything. It doesn’t have to be an hour early but be five minutes early. If you have a court hearing be early. You will be surprised at what information you can obtain. Sitting in a court room even if it’s five or ten minutes before your hearing, you can listen to the hearing before yours, you can see what the judge's temperament is, you can see if the court is booked, how busy it is. You can get all kinds of information and you are also going to feel more comfortable. Whether that is in your legal profession or your personal life. If you’re early to a movie, or if you’re early to a play. If you’re early to your kid’s soccer game, you’re not stressed. You walk in knowing you have time, and if there is ever any hindrance, if something happens that’s going to cause you some problems from being able to get there on time, you’re going to have that extra cushion. If you’re early to everything in your life, you’re going to have some extra time the others won’t, you’re going to be under less stress that others are. So always be early.

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