Learn with a Lawyer -Ask a prospective lawyer a stupid question before you hire them.


Ask some questions, ask a lot of questions, even a stupid question when you are hiring a lawyer. Now this is going to do a couple different things, one gets all your questions answered. Then when you are in the professional’s office that is your time to get the information you need to make some educated decisions. So, get your questions answered but then use can also use this time with the professional to see how they react when you ask them a stupid question. If the person tells you to get out of their office, or stop wasting their time or something of that nature, then you know that’s probably not the person you want to be dealing with whenever you are in a high stress situation working on your case. You can also translate this over into your personal life. Whenever you are interacting with anybody in a professional capacity ask some questions. You are there to seek their knowledge so the only way you are going to get your questions answered is to ask. Then you can also use the way they react, to determine how you are going to deal with them or if you are going to deal with them in any professional capacity moving forward

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