Learn with a Lawyer: Always remember your audience when speaking.

Always remember your audience. Now whenever someone comes in your office and they’re charged with a crime or whether they are injured in an accident or something like that. You need to talk to that person on their level, always assume that people don’t have a great plethora of information when it comes to the law. If they did they probably wouldn’t be in your office asking questions. Take things and break them down to their essential elements, there bare bones so that a person that may not have the same experience you do, can understand them. Now this also translates basically into any profession, if you are talking with a scientist don’t use a lot of acronyms that the person doesn’t understand. If you are talking to an auto mechanic don’t use a lot of technical jargon that person can’t understand. You need to break down things to their bare elements and tell the person what you can do to help them get out of their problem.

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