Learn with a Lawyer: Always remember NOT to PRE-JUDGE someone!

Always remember not to prejudge someone. Now this is going to play two different ways, first in your personal life don’t make assumptions, don’t "go with your gut" as some people will say. Listen to people, talk to them, engage with them, you will find that any preconceived notions you might have, may be right or they may be dispelled. The more you open yourself up to the ideas of others, the more educated and the more skills you are going to obtain. Now in the legal profession, you never want to prejudge someone. Basically, everyone that comes into your office it’s going to be on one of the worst days of their life. They might be accused of something terrible, but you must remember they’re just a person and sometimes people make mistakes, but then sometimes people are just accused of things that are terrible that they didn’t have anything to do with. A lot of the times accusations are just grossly exaggerated or just all in out false. So never prejudge someone when they come into your office. You are going to have a better relationship with that person, your going to have a more trusting relationship with that person and you are going to get information that you can you use to help them.

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