How does a judge decide how much time I get with my kids if my ex and I can't agree?

Hi, my name is Lauren Fields. I’m an attorney on the domestic litigation team at Roth Davies. Today I am going to answer some common questions asked to attorneys in divorce cases. How does the judge decide a parenting plan if we don’t agree? If you have tried all options; settlement, mediation and everything has failed, then the judge will likely have a trial to determine your parenting plan and custodial arrangement. The judge will take the children’s best interest in mind when determining what a parenting plan will be. Sometimes a 50/50 parenting plan is in the best interest of the children if the parents are working together, they live close, and if both their work schedules accommodate a 50/50 plan. If one parent is out of town often, travels for work, that parent might not have a 50/50 schedule and have some less time. It depends on the facts of your specific case, what a parenting plan looks like for the best interest of the children.

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