How Do I Find out If There Is a Warrant out for Me in Johnson County Kansas?

This question comes in pretty often. Someone will call about a potential criminal case in which they think they are facing. They will say, “I checked on Johnson County’s website and I don’t have a warrant out.” Then they will ask if they can rely on that information. The simple answer is no. On the Johnson County Sheriff’s website they do put some warrants up. There is a spot for you to click to see if someone has a warrant but those do not contain all of the warrants. You have to think about that practically. If they put out warrants for everybody and made it public information, then people would avoid the police once they found out they had a warrant. They don’t send a letter to your house telling you that you have a warrant. They don’t put it up online telling you that you have a warrant. There is no particular way of finding out you have a warrant other than going to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and asking. If you do, they are going to arrest you. Or if you can contact a lawyer or a bail bondsman, sometimes the lawyer can contact the district attorney’s office or the sheriff’s office and talk to the warrant supervisor and say, “This person is wanting to turn themselves in, can you tell me if they have a warrant or not?” Do not rely on Johnson County Sheriff’s Department website for accurate information on whether you have a warrant or not.

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