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Every self-propelled CMV, as well as every unit of intermodal equipment, must be marked with identifying information. The marking must include: (1) the legal name or a single trade name of the motor carrier operating the CMV; and (2) the letters “USDOT” followed by the carrier USDOT identification number. All of this information must be on both sides of the self-propelled vehicle, be in a color that contrasts sharply with the background, and be legible during daylight hours from a distance of 50 feet while the CMV is stopped. Furthermore, the required markings can be painted or applied as a decal or be displayed on a removable device such as a magnetic sign. As long as the markings meet the standards, you are good to go. Using a removable device such as a magnetic sign would be beneficial for vehicles that are not normally considered CMV’s unless they are pulling a trailer. If the name of any person other than the operating carrier appears on the CMV, then the information just mentioned must be preceded by the words “operated by” so that enforcement personnel can quickly determine who is operating the vehicle.

What about rented or leased vehicles? If you are renting or leasing the CMV for more than 30 days you must obey the marking standards just discussed. However, if you are renting or leasing the CMV for less than 30 days the vehicle can be marked with either the renter’s information as described previously OR the owner’s information, as long as the lease agreement contains the information required and is carried in the vehicle.

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