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An employer is required to have a driver’s qualification (DQ) file for every driver it employs. While the DQ does not need to be a physical file, it must be a filing system that ties the information to a specific driver. Examples of DQ files are file folders, an electronic file on a database program, or a filing system which contains several physical files. The FMCSA specifies 12 documents that must be in every driver’s DQ file. These include: (1) Driver’s application for employment; (2) Initial driving record (MVR) from states obtained at the time of hire; (3) Previous-employer information obtained on driver-applicants hired prior to October 29, 2004. (While previous-employer records prior to October 29, 2004 may remain in the DQ file, it is important to note that previous-employers records after that date must be kept “in a secure location with controlled access” and only made accessible to people directly involved in the hiring process. If an employer wants to continue to keep the previous-employer records in the DQ file, the entire file must be kept in a secure location with controlled access); (4) Road test form and certificate, or license or certificate accepted in place of road test; (5) Medical exam certificate, original or copy; (6) Documentation of any medical variance, exemption, or waiver; (7) Verification that the medical examiner is listed in the National Registry for exams conduct on or after May 21, 2014; (8) Annual driving record from state(s) for current drivers; (9) Notes concerning the annual review of driving record; (10) The driver’s annual list of violations; (11) Entry-level driver training certificate; and (12) Longer-combination vehicle training (or grandfathering) certificate.

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