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The FMCSR contains certain operational requirements a driver must adhere to when he or she is driving a CMV. These requirements address topics such as speeding, seat belts, railroad crossings, hazardous driving conditions, stopping on the road or shoulder, passengers, glasses and hearing aids, radar detectors, lamps/reflective materials, and emergency equipment. The rules are as follows: (1) drivers are prohibited from exceeding any speed limits and employer motor carriers are prohibited from allowing speeding or putting the driver in a situation where he or she must speed to make a deadline; (2) drivers must wear a seat belt at all times while driving; (3) certain CMVs (buses transporting passengers, certain cargo tanks, and certain vehicles hauling hazardous materials) must stop between 15 to 50 feet of all railroad crossings to make sure the tracks are clear (all other CMV drivers must slow down enough to be able to stop before the tracks if the driver sees the tracks are not clear); (4) drivers are required to slow down and use extreme caution in hazardous conditions. If the conditions get bad enough, the driver must stop until conditions have gotten better; (5) if a driver stops on the shoulder or traveled part of the roadway, he or she needs to stop as far out of the way of traffic as possible, immediately turn on the vehicle’s warning flashers, and place emergency warning devices within 10 minutes; (6) drivers must have written authorization from the employer motor carrier to transport a person (other than a bus); (7) drivers who need corrective lenses and/or hearing aids to meet the physical requirements must wear them while driving; (8) radar detectors are prohibited; (9) drivers may not drive if any of the vehicle’s lamps or reflective materials are obscured; and (10) drivers are required to use emergency equipment when needed.

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