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The attorneys at Roth Davies, LLC are routinely called upon by various media outlets to provide expert commentary on newsworthy cases, changes in the law or other matters of legal significance. Members of the media trust the opinions of the lawyers at our firm and look to us when complicated legal issues arise. Below please find a few of the articles and news pieces our attorneys have been featured in.

Jason Roth talks about a deadly semi-truck accident and regulations affecting commercial drivers.

Suzanne Hale Robinson discussing Divorce on KCLive.

Brandan Davies discussing new DUI Law on KMBC9.

Brandan Davies talks Medical Marijuana on Fox4.

Brandan Davies discusses Kansas vs. Missouri Law on KQTV.

Brandan Davies discusses Marijuana law on Fox4.

Brandan Davies discusses Kansas drug laws on KCTV5.

Suzanne Hale Robinson discusses divorce on KSHB.

Suzanne Hale Robinson on KCLive discussing divorce.

Suzanne Hale Robinson on KCLive talking about Divorce.

Brandan Davies talks “Stand your Ground law” on 41News.

Brandan Davies talks about Personal Injury lawsuits on KMBC.

Suzanne Hale Robinson on KCTV5 discussing personal injury lawsuits resulting from new device.

Brandan Davies talks about DUI charges on New Year’s Eve.

Jason Roth talks on the local news about a school bus accident.

Brandan Davies discussing law changes on KCTV5.

new Missouri marijuana law

Brandan Davies talks with the KC Business Journal on new Marijuana Law implications.

Missouri’s medical marijuana law

Jason Roth and Brandan Davies talk to the Kansas City Star about new marijuana law and its impact on the transportation industry and gun ownership.

new Missouri marijuana law

Brandan Davies talks to the KC Business Journal about new law.

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