Attorney Suzanne Robinson

Suzanne Hale Robinson leads Roth Davies, LLC’s domestic litigation team, practicing solely in the area of domestic law. Suzanne has lived in the Kansas City area for over 28 years and has developed a deep connection with the community and its residents.

Suzanne represents clients in multiple areas of domestic law. From a simple divorce to a complex child custody dispute to negotiating a high net-worth asset distribution, Suzanne has the experience and ability to help get your case resolved.

Suzanne is willing to fight for her clients. Sometimes a settlement conference is all it takes, other times a trial and appeal are necessary. No matter what it takes, Suzanne is willing to go to battle for her clients and take the case as far as necessary to get her clients the results they desire.

“I understand how hard family issues can be, and I try to be more than just a lawyer to my clients. I want to be someone who my client knows is always going to be on his or her side and have his or her best interests at heart. I really strive to get to know my clients and be a shoulder to lean on while they are going through a hard time. I pride myself on always being honest to my clients. I do not just tell my clients what they want to hear to keep them happy. I give my clients a realistic view of how their case may turn out. This is one way I have found to keep expectations realistic and costs of litigation as low as possible.”

Suzanne has taken numerous cases to trial in Kansas and Missouri, getting her clients great results.

Outside of work, Suzanne is outdoorsy and loves traveling with her husband, family, and friends. Suzanne volunteers at Big Brothers and Big Sisters and prides herself on helping others in need.

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