Selecting an Attorney

Although it can be overwhelming at times, one of the most important parts of beginning a divorce proceeding is selecting a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.

What Should I Look For?

When looking for an attorney, look for an attorney you connect with and believe will be responsive to the needs of your particular case.

Type Of Practice

Some attorneys specialize in certain fields of law, while others run general practices and practice numerous areas of the law. It is important to find an attorney that practices mostly, if not all, in the domestic litigation arena. Laws continue to change in domestic litigation and keeping up with one area of law is difficult enough. Finding an attorney who is able to devote all of his or her attention to the type of law you need representing regarding, is priceless.

Information About The Attorneys

Look at attorney profiles when searching for information about prospective counsel. You can tell a lot about an attorney by searching them in the age of the internet. You can usually find out where a person attended law school, what accomplishments they have, and what are their primary areas of practice.


Having an experienced attorney can be a great advantage to a client. Knowing the opposing counsel, the judge on the case, the staff, and personnel involved can be a tremendous advantage when in comes to litigating your case, and when it comes to the cost of that litigation. If an attorney has had a case similar to yours numerous times in front of the same judge assigned to your case, you may be able to gain a good idea of how your case may pan out at trial and enter into informed settlement agreements without the need for costly trials.

What Should I Ask?

Calling a perspective attorney to get information about your case and setting up an initial consultation are good ways to begin finagling the process of hiring legal counsel for your divorce. Consults are not necessarily free, however experienced firms will listen to your issues in a short, free consultation. This gives clients a chance to ask questions about how attorneys would handle their case. Ask your perspective attorney what he or she thinks is a good plan for your case, what are your realistic options, and what will it take to get there. An experienced attorney should be able to provide you with a thumbnail sketch of how your case may play out and what options are available to you.

What If My Divorce Is Uncontested?

Uncontested divorces involve a couple that has already come to agreements regarding the key elements of their divorce before retaining counsel. In most uncontested divorces, the attorney involved is simply used to draft paperwork for the parties and attend any necessary court dates. It is essential to recall that divorces are high stakes and even spouse that are on good terms can rapidly betray each other when the division of property comes up. Obtaining an attorney is always a good idea, even if you do not think you need one.