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Getting served with paperwork from a law enforcement officer is an unsettling and unfamiliar event for most people. Oftentimes, being served with a PFA or PFS comes up following a big event, altercation, or separation. Other times still, it can totally blind side a person. Either way, it leaves most folks with a feeling of uncertainty.  

That feeling is only compounded if it comes on the heels of a divorce filing, separation, or an arrest. This problem is even further exacerbated if you are served with temporary or emergency orders which can drastically change how you live your life until a judge tells you otherwise. That’s why it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as you receive this paperwork. You need somebody who can tell you what the paperwork means, what to expect at your first hearing, how long this process will last, what your options are, and how you are supposed to live your life until it is over.  

Time is of the essence to get an attorney. Unlike in a criminal case, you have no right to an attorney and one will not be appointed for you. Therefore, if you want an attorney, you must contact one right away. If you do not have time to get an attorney before the first hearing, you must appear and request a continuance to retain an attorney. But you need to do this as soon as possible as there may not be any further continuances granted.

Finally, if you are facing criminal charges involving the same people or events as your PFA/PFS case, you absolutely need to speak with an attorney. Your criminal defense lawyer may not be able to assist you with your PFA/PFS. The same thing applies if you are in the middle of a divorce or family law case and a PFA/PFS comes up. Our firm is a one-stop-shop. We can handle all three matters for you. This approach is beneficial to you as there is only one office that you will need to supply information to and that same office will keep you updated on all upcoming hearings and proceedings in each of your cases. Additionally, we are able to schedule, conduct, and proceed with each case in a way that will hopefully help your position in all matters. If you have more questions, read on, or call any time to set up a consultation.