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There are three different types of court you can end up in if you are charged with violating the law in Kansas; Municipal Court, State Court or Federal Court. Municipal Court is for low level violations involving city ordinance violations. State Court encompasses a wider range of crimes in violation of the state laws, these range from low level infractions all the way to high level felonies. Lastly, Federal Court is generally for serious violations of Federal law.

The workhorse of the criminal justice system in Kansas are the District or County courts across Kansas. These courts hear cases involving alleged violations of State law. State courts are often referred to as District Courts and in more rural areas are referred to as County Courts. If you are charged with a State law violation you will always be in District Court and the range of punishment varies widely depending on the crime. State Courts have the ability to hear a traffic case all the way up to murder case and everything in between. Below you will find information on some commonly charged offenses in State Court and some commonly asked questions associated with those crimes.

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