The Kansas legislature has classified telephone harassment as a misdemeanor crime. Misdemeanor crimes are divided into four different groups. Each group of misdemeanor crimes are assigned an appropriate punishment in accordance with their perceived severity. Here are the four groups and their proscribed punishments.

Class A– These are the most severe misdemeanor crimes. They include theft, second offense driving while intoxicated, second offense driving on a s suspended license, second offense marijuana possession, telephone harassment, second offense domestic battery and battery on a law enforcement officer. The punishment range for a class A misdemeanor is up to 1 year in the county jail.

Class B- These are the second most severe misdemeanor crimes. Common crimes that fall into this group are driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended license, and domestic battery. The punishment range for a class B misdemeanor is up to 6 months in jail.

Class C- These are the least severe misdemeanor crimes. Common crimes that fall into this group are driving without a seat belt or disorderly conduct. The punishment range for a class C misdemeanor is up to 30 days in jail.

Unclassified Misdemeanors- These are crimes that are not ranked in the above classifications. Each unclassified misdemeanor is assigned a specific punishment range usually listed in each particular law. The maximum possible range is up to 1 year in county jail.

In Kansas, telephone harassment is a criminal offense. The seriousness of the charge depends on the specific circumstances of the case and the severity of the alleged conduct. In general, telephone harassment is classified as a misdemeanor in Kansas. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes than felonies, but they can still carry significant consequences, including fines and jail time.

If the alleged conduct is particularly severe or if the victim is particularly vulnerable (e.g., a minor), the charge may be elevated to a more serious offense, such as stalking or aggravated harassment. These offenses can carry more severe penalties, including longer jail sentences and larger fines.

If you have been charged with telephone harassment in Kansas, it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand the charges against you and defend you in court. To put it simply, a charge of telephone harassment is a serious deal. It is possible to get into more trouble for telephone harassment than hitting your wife or husband during an argument, or driving while intoxicated and wrecking your car. If you find yourself charged with telephone harassment you need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer from the outset. The vast majority of the time if a telephone harassment case is handled properly a defendant never spends time in jail and many times the defendant can maintain a clean criminal record. 

What Is The Maximum Possible Punishment If I Am Convicted Of Telephone Harrassment?

If you are convicted of telephone harassment it is possible to spend one year in jail. The Kansas state legislature has classified telephone harassment as a class A misdemeanor. Class A misdemeanors are the most serious misdemeanor charges that exist in Kansas.