If someone is arrested for DUI and they give a breath sample above the legal limit or they refuse to give a sample, they will be issued a DC-27 Officer’s Certification and Notice of Suspension form by the officer who arrested them. The reasoning behind the name of the form is the numbers at the bottom left hand side of the form. The individual’s copy will be a pink.

If you read the form, it will state that it is your temporary driver’s license. If a person wants to drive, they must have this form with them. This temporary driver’s license will expire 30 days after the date it is issued to a person. This means that they will lose their driver’s license after these 30 days unless they have taken the proper steps to fight their license suspension.

This form states how a person begins the administrative process of contesting their license suspension. You have 14 days to request an administrative hearing. If this deadline is missed, the Department of Revenue automatically suspends your driver’s license, regardless of your excuses.

When you lawyer requests your administrative hearing, they will request that it be in person and the police officer to be subpoenaed to be present at the hearing. This scenario gives someone the best chance of prevailing at the hearing. If an in-person hearing and the officer’s presence is not requested, the hearing will happen via a phone call and the person has a lower chance of success. Most lawyers that do DUI cases will also represent you in the administrative hearing.

Here is an example of the DC-27 form with some notes regarding common mistakes officers make. A few of these mistakes can result in the administrative action being dismissed and your license being returned. Other mistakes can be corrected at the hearing by the officer testifying and your license could still be suspended.