Don’t admit to consuming alcohol

As soon as a person admits to drinking alcohol, they have tremendously helped law enforcement. They have helped them gain reasonable suspicion to get you out of the car and conduct further testing.

Don’t perform the divided attention tests like 123 or ABC type tests

Even if you haven’t had anything to drink, individuals mess up on these tests because of nervousness and anxiety. Even if the person recites them perfectly, the officer can still say you slurred your speech or said it out of order.

Don’t perform the field sobriety tests

These tests are very subjective and complicated. Even if a person does them correctly, the cop could make a mistake or view your attempt incorrectly and then state that they failed the test.

Don’t admit to driving the vehicle

An element of the crime of DUI is that it must be proven the individual operated or attempted to operate a motor vehicle. If law enforcement didn’t directly view you operate the motor vehicle, don’t admit to operating it. Rather, just stay quiet so that you don’t help them make their case.

Don’t take a breath test

Although refusing to submit to a breath test could lead to a suspension on your driver’s license, it will not provide “scientific evidence” that will incriminate you in your criminal court case.