Overland Park Divorce Lawyer answers: How important are witnesses in my divorce trial?

Today I want to talk about evidence to bring to a trial, and specifically witnesses. If your case does proceed to trial, you likely will have to have witnesses testify on your behalf. There a several types of witnesses. Two being fact witnesses and character witnesses. Fact witnesses would be important to lay out to the Court certain facts that you want known. Character witnesses may be important if, for your example your character is in question or your ability to successfully parent your child. You may have a witness who comes in and testifies about his or her first hand experience seeing you parent your child. Witnesses are very important in a trial and prepping them and making sure they are prepared for questions to be asked is also very important. You definitely want to find an attorney who is willing to ask hard questions to witnesses and make sure that they are prepared for the questioning of opposing counsel prior to going to trial. 

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