Learn with a Lawyer - Always be on the look out for a MENTOR. Look for one and ask for help.

Always be on the look out for mentors. In the legal profession I rely so heavily on people who do what I do, and who have done it longer than I have. I find people that are knowledgeable in areas that I want to be knowledgeable in and ask them questions. I use them as a resource, anytime I need them. Don’t be afraid to look for a mentor and if you see someone that you admire and look up to, and you think would be helpful, don’t be afraid to approach them. Most people would be honored to help you in a career path or on a topic they are knowledgeable about. Don’t be afraid to seek out mentorship, and if you can mentor others or see someone else in need, don’t be afraid to play that role for them as well.

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