Divorce and the Coronavirus: Common questions in this ever-changing landscape.

Q:  How do I File for a Divorce or a Paternity Case in Johnson County During the Coronavirus Crisis?

A:  If you are planning on filing a new case, right now is really an odd time with the courts. The courts are not allowing new filings to be served. So in essence, you are able to file your case but it won’t be served and there will be no dates scheduled with the court until this crisis has subsided. That being said, if you need to get a divorce on file or a paternity action on file, we are still able to get those things filed for you. If something like this arises, please feel free to give us a call at 913-451-9500 and we can help walk you through the process.

Q: Does the Coronavirus Affect My Parenting Plan in Kansas?

A:  A lot of parents have reached out to me with concerns that their co-parent has been exposed to Coronavirus or they are fearful to send their children with the other parent because of some of those concerns. The advice that the court has issued to us is to advise parents to follow the court orders, absent doctor’s recommendations otherwise. That means if you have a parenting plan in place or you have temporary orders dictating your parenting time you are required by the court to continue honoring those agreements. If you do get a recommendation from a doctor that, for example, your child is sick and should be staying isolated or you hear from a parent that they have been recommended by a doctor to stay isolated, that is the time you can deviate from the court order. If the other parent is not in agreement with the deviation, you will need to reach out to an attorney who can contact the court on an emergency basis.

Q: How Will the Coronavirus Affect My Divorce Hearing in Kansas?

A: One thing that you want to keep in mind right now in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak is that if you have a divorce pending, things may be stalled. Throughout the divorce process, courts schedule different hearings for different things. All of those hearings have been cancelled, unless they are considered an essential hearing. For the most part, anything that was to update the court as far as a review or a status conference is going to be cancelled. Some things are able to be moved to video conferences, like pre-trial conferences or other emergency issues.

Q:  How Will the Coronavirus affect my Johnson County Divorce or Paternity Case?

A: I have some updates today about how the Coronavirus may affect your divorce or paternity case. Unfortunately, most of the courts have been forced to close, absent an emergency. That being said, your divorce case may be affected, in that status conferences or non-essential hearings are being cancelled and pushed out until the court can start scheduling things again. If you file a motion, that motion may not be able to be set right now and unfortunately getting in front of the court for anything is going to be difficult. My advice to people who have current orders in place is to continue following those orders. If an emergency does arise, make sure you contact your attorney and he or she can reach out to the court and can get an emergency phone conference scheduled.

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