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The FMCSRs outlines 7 major exemptions. While these 7 are exempt from most of the federal regulations, they are not exempt from the commercial driver’s license or drug/alcohol testing standards. With that in mind, these exemptions include: (1) all school bus operations (which includes both home to school and school to home); (2) transportation performed by the federal government or a state or local government (not including transportation by contractors or others on behalf of the government); (3) the occasional transportation of personal property by individuals when there is no compensation involved and the transportation is not business related (moving houses or apartments would fall under this exemption); (4) the transportation of deceased humans or sick and injured persons; (5) the operation of fire trucks and rescue vehicles while involved in emergency and related operations; (6) the operation of CMVs less than 10,001 pounds transporting between 9 and 15 passengers (including the driver), not for direct compensation. (It is noteworthy to mention that this exemption is not fully exempt from the FMCSRs); and (7) drivers of vehicles used to respond to a pipeline emergency or used primarily to transport propane winter heating fuel. However, these activities are only exempt if the FMCSRs would prevent the driver from responding to an emergency situation requiring immediate response.

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